Our Story

At Hudson Clothier, we care about American manufacturing. That’s why you’ll see that every item we sell is American made.

By supporting us, you can feel good about shopping. Because you’re supporting more than just a store. You’re supporting an idea and a movement.

By choosing American made you are:

  • Spreading the wealth and supporting ethical labor
  • Cutting down on pollution caused by oversea shipping
  • Supplying goods and clothing produced in environmentally-conscious ways
  • Taking on the “fast fashion” industry, one shirt at a time

And it also means that, at the end of the day, you’re buying high-quality and sophisticated products, made to become “staple items” in your wardrobe and home. Things that work hard for you every day, and can even be handed down to generations to come.

But this level of craftsmanship doesn’t come out of nowhere. With over 97% of apparel sold in the U.S. being made overseas (compared to the ‘60’s, when 95% was made domestically), we think it’s time to pay attention to American manufacturing again.


Hudson Clothier isn’t about fashion being precious. That’s why we supply a collection of contemporary designs and old-school staples—really good quality, hard-working clothes. For the down-to-earth, ethically conscious customer. For those who care about how a thing is made. And when you combine that with something affordable, practical, and well-styled—well, what’s missing?

Owner and founder, Mary Vaughn Williams, thinks she’s hit the nail on the head. NYC was an education on fashion in itself and, when her mom gifted her a sewing machine at 18, she never looked back. She kept busy designing, manufacturing, and retailing garments for over 25 years, in the U.S. and overseas. And, in 2014, decided it was time for something new. Her new venture appreciates the talents of all-American designers and makers.

Constantly energized and motivated by the local businesses taking hold in her hometown of Hudson, New York, Mary Vaughn has settled in to supplying her community and its many visitors with clothing, accessories and gifts remarkable for their design and their heritage.